March 23, 2016


New brands unveiled to underpin the next phase of the development of the UAE’s media industry

Dubai, UAE: TECOM Group today reiterated its commitment to play a leading role in the implementation of the UAE’s innovation strategy. TECOM also reaffirmed its intention to continue its pioneering of industry growth through its media communities, Dubai Media City (DMC), Dubai Studio City (DSC) and Dubai Production City (DPC, formerly International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)).

Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director of Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Production City, reflects on the illustrious history of these media communities: “We are very proud of the great success we have enjoyed over the past 16 years,” he says. “There have been many outstanding achievements, which have contributed towards the realisation of our vision to become the region’s leading hub for the media industry. Our reputation as a community supporting the creation and delivery of high quality content for all parts of the media industry has gathered strength and we are now ready to build on this platform through the next phase of our development.”

Mr. Al Suwaidi’s words highlight the vital ongoing role of DMC, DSC and DPC in driving the growth of the media industry in Dubai through innovation. Since its inauguration in January 2001, DMC has grown to become a thriving business community, hosting both global and regional media companies. Achievements included the creation of the Dubai Film Festival, now in its twelfth year. DSC, which is home to world class production companies, talent, facilities and infrastructure for the production, broadcast and content creation industries, has successfully attracted a number of large scale productions, such as Star Trek Beyond and MasterChef Arabia, which have set DSC and Dubai apart as the region’s leading production hub.

IMPZ, which is now known as Dubai Production City (DPC), has over the years developed a business environment that is uniquely geared towards the needs of printing, publishing, packaging and advanced production, and has pioneered growth and stimulated innovation across these sectors.

To reflect its position as one of the pivotal components of Dubai’s media industry, DMC announced today that the Arab Media Outlook Report will be launched in May 2016, which will be a comprehensive source of data on the media industry in the MENA region. Produced in partnership with the Dubai Press Club, the report will provide in-depth analysis on the region’s media industry, and forecast a three-year outlook across various segments within the sector.

DMC also revealed plans to launch the Media Student Awards, a Pan-Arab Award, which aims to recognise and nurture young talent, ignite creativity and provide opportunities for talents across the region.

Commenting on how TECOM Group intends to redefine innovation in the media, Mr Al Suwaidi continued: “We will always welcome international businesses and fully recognise the contribution they make to the building of vibrant communities. However, our focus will increasingly be on nurturing local talent and entrepreneurs, who are the future of the media industry. Our new platform for media start-ups and entrepreneurs, in5 Media, is an integral part of our incubation platform which aims at enabling the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem in Dubai and the region as a whole. As a platform, in5 plays a fundamental role in achieving our community’s innovative potential by allowing a fluid interaction between startups and entrepreneurs working across different sectors. The in5 model reflects the ever-increasing interconnectedness of sectors and strives to encourage founders and entrepreneurs to innovate at the boundaries and intersections of various industries.”

“In my new role as Managing Director of these media communities, I am very excited to have the responsibility for such an important task. As has been said by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the UAE has the capacity to become one of the most innovative countries in the world, and Dubai’s media industry will play a fundamental part in the delivery of that vision.”

In a further display of its commitment to innovation, TECOM Group hosted a gala dinner at which Dubai Media City (DMC) and Dubai Studio City (DSC) to unveil their new logos, which reflect more modern and vibrant communities, and International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) announced its new identity, Dubai Production City (DPC).

The communities’ new dynamic brands symbolise a sharper focus on promoting innovation as the driving force behind the growth of the media industry. The event was well attended by a large audience of high profile professionals from different Government entities and key players in the industry, who together celebrated the development of Dubai’s media industry over the past 16 years.

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