in5, an integrated innovation platform, launched by TECOM Group has created within Dubai a distinctive and well-rounded ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-ups to be incubated and nurtured to their next phase of growth. in5 offers state-of the art and specialized facilities catering to Technology, Media and Design industries as well as facilitates training and mentorship programs. This dynamic and creative environment also allows for the development of innovative ideas through community wide networking events, access to investors and industry-leading market research.

First launched in 2013, in5 was created to enable opportunities for entrepreneurs in the technology sector in the UAE and the region.

With an aim to enable the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem, in5 expanded to the design and media industries. The innovation centers are designed to offer 5 key benefits to support the growing number of students, entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking to get new ideas off the ground in Dubai’s competitive markets –

  • Benefits Set-up Framework, Mentorship, Training, Networking and Access to Investors.
  • Process Submission, Validation, Presentation, Incubation and Graduation

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