May 8, 2016


DPC) today launched the fifth edition of the “Arab Media Outlook: Youth… content… digital media”, in cooperation with Dubai Media City (DMC), a member of TECOM Group, at “The Lounge” in Dubai Mall.

The fifth edition of the report highlights the current media landscape in 14 Arab countries along with the future trends that will emerge over the next three years.

Her Excellency Mona Ghanim Al Marri, President of Dubai Press Club, thanked Dubai Media City for their support in preparing the comprehensive report in cooperation with media experts, covering all aspects of the media industry in the region.

Al Marri also praised DMC’s commitment to back various initiatives that support media industry locally, regionally or internationally, as this will further cement Dubai’s position as a media hub, and ensure its leadership mainly in the Arab region. “Our cooperation with DMC was fruitful given its position as a global hub in the media industry as it hosts more than 2000 media companies, which was clearly reflected in the quality of the comprehensive report we aimed for since the first edition. The report offers insightful ideas backed with accurate data that helps understand the media landscape and its future trends,” Al Marri said.

Al Marri also highlighted that the cooperation between DPC and DMC is part of DPC’s commitment to strengthen partnership with various leading national media outlets to support media industry in general and to achieve the highest levels of distinctions.

As regards to the report, Al Marri said one of the main elements of the report shows that media digitization is set to shape the future of the industry given the increase usage of Broad Band Internet in the region, which in turn led to a soaring consumption of media content on portable devices, which is a phenomenon that is set to continue over the next three years.

Her Excellency highlighted the importance of this progress and to work on finding adequate solutions that allow effective competition between all media outlets, in addition to coupling between digital platforms and traditional media outlets, as well as using these platforms in making media a real success and maintaining its position and ability to develop its content.

Among the key findings of the report, Al Marri highlighted the noticeable growth of “paid media sector” compared to advertising sector, where spending on advertising is set to increase by 2.5% annually between 2016-2018, while spending on paid media is set to grow by 3.7% during the same period backed by video games and TV paid subscriptions. “While paid media is a synonym of “excellent content”, we should stop at this noticeable progress and think about what our local and Arab media should do in terms of development steps, to keep pace with the rapid changes,” Al Marri said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Amina Al Rustamani, Group CEO of TECOM Group, said: :”The dynamics and trends of the media industry have always provided valuable insight into consumer behaviour and have helped shape the thinking of government and business as to what are the most effective means of communication with their citizens and customers. Launching “Arab Media Outlook Report 2016-2018” is especially timely and relevant, against a backdrop of a paradigm shift in the media industry, and unprecedented change and innovation. This report enables us to guide our partners in forming their own strategies for growth”.

“Our knowledge and success have made us natural partners with the Dubai Press Club and our collaboration is of great benefit to anyone with an interest in the Arab world’s media landscape” she added.

As part of Dubai’s strategy and endeavor to be the smartest city in the world, this edition of the report will be available in the digital format, which will help in reaching a wider public who are interested in accessing the content of the report. A print version of the executive summary of the report will be available during the 15th edition of the Arab Media Forum, to be held on 10-11 May at the Dubai World Trade Center, which is set to attract more than 2000 media professionals from around the world. The report is one of DPC’s key media initiatives in the region, which also include Arab Media Forum and the Arab Journalism Award, which mainly aim to support the media sector in the region.

DPC had issued the first edition of the Arab Media Outlook in 2007 entitled “The Development Of Media Institutions and Competencies”, while the second, Media and Technology”, was issued in 2008 ” and the third edition, “Stimulating Local Content” in 2009 and the fourth edition was issued in 2011 under the theme of “Arab Media: Vulnerability And Transformation”.

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